WEFT is a piece in development that is based on 10 years of journal writing amounting to over a million words of handwritten text. It is an attempt to find hidden messages between the lines of the pages, a voice of ages that echoes through the writer’s voice.

My hope of course was to read the pages and discover they were full of gems that had flowed from my pen in the studied state of unconsciousness which was my writing mode. But on starting to read them I discovered this was far from the case. They were full, page after page of the most lazy poetry, flat description and mundane neurosis repeated ad nauseum, neurosis about poverty and status and sex.

Most alarming of all was the latter, the obsession with describing sexual encounters and often in the most horrendously misogynistic terms. I had been vaguely aware that sex was something I wrote about a lot but not at all aware of how much I would hate reading it. Long and often repeated descriptions of sexual encounters I could barely remember, break up sex, one night stands, of cunnilingus, play parties, infidelities. Some of it clearly fantasy other parts titillatingly factual.

Text and Performance Jonathan Bonnici
Directorial consultant Marie- Louise Stentebjerg