The Emancipation of O.O.O

A text for the performance The Emancipation of O.O.O by artist duo J&K/ Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard mixed media installation and performance, 2017.

The piece is a composition based on a society of things that exist beyond human categorisation, where the barriers between living and non-living forms are dissolved and objects express themselves. Objects share their memories with us, revolt against the human reign, philosophise, take a piss and simply slip out of our grasp. Throughout the performance the stage slowly emerges, is transformed and animated by the artists and finally remains as an installation of objects for the exhibition period.


We are differences in intensity, We are the presence over here that makes the over there move. We are we without a you. We get folded and twisted into shapes, and are connect tail to head. We are strands interlaced. We are what is always alluded to but never sufficiently named. We are a voice that doesn’t use words. We are the pinata that can’t be bashed open. We are the grossly named multiples of hydrogen cooked in the centre of stars. We don’t produce meaning in that way. We are load bearing frequencies compacted into cracks and moulds to form what is visible. We are everything but how we appear. We are suspended between what is called human and what is called a thing.  A smiling knife, a serious wheel, a plastic bag that can’t stop fucking.