About the performance:

Strømme/Current is 35 minute in duration and created with children between the age of 4-8 in mind. Two beings arrive prepared to enact a ritual of transformation. They clean with rose petals, they consume to excess, they shed their cocoons in dances of self love. It is a journey everyone takes together, traveling through many morphing bodies and meeting in the ecstacy of celebration.

Photo Credit: Sam Moore


Initiation: Jonathan Bonnici

Creation and Performance: Sall Lam Torro & Jonathan Bonnici

Guidance and support: Boaz Barkan

Photography: Sam Moore

Wig maker: Katrin Cecilia Jacobsen

Special Prop maker: Christine Linnea

Sound: S Reiser

Production: Ulla Gad and Unne Loa Jensen

Produced by and for Dansehallerne’s KORA programme