RACE to ZERO (2017)


A collaboration based on a research into the impossible speeds of the digital economy in comparison to the speeds and timeframes of the human body.
The piece was a performance lecture that took on the logic of the algorithmic universe it was attempting to describe. The text was composed as a body diverging, multiplying and deforming in the same way as the algorithmic intelligence.

It all begins with a vibration.
An imperceptible movement that accelerates minute by minute. A torrent of forms, lines.
Everything falling, rushing forward, ascending, disappearing, reappearing.
A dizzying evaporation and condensation.
Lines that cross, rivers meeting, endless bifurcations, meanders, deltas, desserts that walk, desserts that fly.
Disintegrations, agglutinations, fragmentations, reconstitutions.
Shattered words, the copulation of syllables, the fornication of meanings.
Destruction of language. A return to vibrations, a plunge into undulations. Nothing is fixed.
Gangrenous space, cancerous time
Avalanches, the kingdom of uncountable numbers, accursed proliferation.


Collaboration Between
Kenn Mouritzen, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Jon Bonnici, Olivia Riviere and Kristian Husted
Jonathan Bonnici
Sound Design
Kenn Mouritzen
Light design
Soren Knud
Set Design Consultant
Carsten Burke Kristensen
Algorithm Consultant
Sean McIntyre
Tanja Diers
Dramaturge Assistent
Sarah Rysgaard Christensen
Statens Kunstfond
Co-production between YEL KAYƉ og SORT/HVID


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